When parents leave their little kids with us, they trust with the security of the one who they love the most and the one who they actually live for. They know that we will keep their kids safe, happy and smiling.

We feel the pride when KIDS step into Omit ‘your’ pre-school. We love to hear the ‘innocent chatter of children who have just started to speak. We feel lucky Omit ‘of’ seeing their beautiful smiles ‘Which' light up our day. Yes, we are lucky indeed. And with this luck, follows a lot of responsibilities which we fulfill.

Our team and staff, carry the responsibility of protecting the most prized possessions of so many parents, for hours, days, months and years. We are shaping the bright and shining future of this world.

We provide an exciting, stimulating and creative environment and education for children. We believe that education is a lifelong process and that all adults and peers with whom they come in contact influence children. Parents and Early Childhood Educators are partners in making school a positive and beneficial experience for young children. We provide a warm, secure, nurturing and stimulating preschool to meet the increasing demands for quality early childhood programs. Our children learn through exploration and discovery.

Include ‘The’ philosophy of our school emphasizes the individuality of each child. Inquisitiveness, creativity and self-reliance are fostered.

Our classrooms offer a full range of activities, including Daily Life Skills, Sensorial, Art, Culture, Language, and Math. Children learn by manipulating and experimenting with materials from a carefully prepared environment. Each child chooses her or his own activity, developing self-direction, concentration, and a love for learning. Teachers guide the children by demonstrating activities, helping children one-on-one, leading small group lessons and circle-times, and being a role model.

We offer a well-rounded curriculum that exceeds global standards – it showcases a balance between superior can be omitted academics and extraordinary skills. We believe that a child’s preschool years are among the most important years for literacy and development. Our curriculum is built around a wide variety of activities designed to enhance vocabulary, awareness of patterns and sounds in language, letter recognition, social intelligence, knowledge of printed materials, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, outdoor play and exploration of art and science. All of omit these factors, when combined, help your child attain higher academic achievement, and encourage social and emotional growth, which results in children who are confident learners and have higher self-esteem.

We also provide an outstanding Camp Program which offers a variety of developmental and fun activities for preschool students.

We have an open door policy and are omit always welcome your suggestions and questions. We are committed to our core values and look forward to growing with staff and families who share those same values. Welcome to the TAS Family.

The Power and Benefits of IAA (International Accrediting Authority, USA)

The backbone of IAA is a formidable and sound outline of accreditation standards based on years of scientific research and academic experience.
It brings together pre-schools, pre-school staff and parents to deliver the best in Kindergarten education.
This process of association with preschools helps in developing and installing a self-improvement protocol in pre-schools.
It develops a pool of academically-fit and socially-sensitized teachers and learning community who demonstrate a marked improvement in the delivery of 'Early-childhood' education.
Effective and research-based parenting program of IAA prepares and sensitizes parents to handle the learning needs of kindergarten kids. This program also aims to lay a strong foundation for the future relationship between parents and children.

Our Teachers & Staff

At TAS one of our highest priorities is ensuring that our teachers and staff are exceptional. We interview each teacher as if they will be teaching their own children and, in some cases, they will be. We go beyond the basic requirements and look for individuals who embody and support our mission. We look for staff that is loving, caring, dynamic and have a commitment to our children at TAS. We are able to attract high-quality professional staff that is dedicated to making a difference in each child’s world.

Our teachers recognize the importance of ongoing communication with parents. They have classroom iPads and email with parents when in-person meetings aren’t possible. (Teachers and Parents communicate through Mobile App, Emails, WhatsApp) We have teachers who have been with us for decades which is a testament to the consistent, high-quality, caring atmosphere. We support our teachers with in-service training throughout the year and Resource Specialist, Teacher Training Specialist, and Curriculum Specialist to enhance and expand their classroom knowledge.

Awards & Recognition

Infra, Facilities & Other Benefits

  • Bright & Colorful Infra
  • Audio Visual Theatre Room
  • Camera Surveillance for Kids Security
  • Cozy Home like Environment
  • Good Habits, Health and Life Skills
  • Experiential Learning
  • Freedom to Innovate
  • Mobile App, Website, WhatsApp as Info Bridge with Parents and Teacher.
  • Stimulating environment
  • Art & Craft room
  • Furniture & Fixtures Designed with Child Safety
  • Fun and Interactive Activities
  • Dance, Music and Games.