PRE 3 Caterpillars

PRE 3 Caterpillars (1.8Yrs – 3Yrs)

This program is the bridge between the child leaving home and entering school. The transition becomes smoother and less erratic.

Program supports your child's eagerness for learning in a fun, creative, engaging environment. Our classroom has special furniture and safety measures to cater to your child's size and building body awareness.

The Program also provides each student with the tools and confidence needed for a life-long love of learning and academic success.

Through cross-curriculum learning, each child engages in a variety of activities that spark their interest, love for learning and exploration of the world around them. Daily routines and procedures give our toddlers the consistency they love.

Through cross-curriculum learning, each child is exposed to a variety of skills and concepts, providing a strong educational foundation.We provide the support and individual attention they need. Our teachers are able to get to know each child as an individual.

PRE 3 Caterpillars

Caterpillars have a no boom environment with intermittent worksheets to foster neural development but mainly thrive on sensory and social development through art, dance and play. It's a perfect first school experience for kids. Pre 3 caterpillars are introduced to age-appropriate language skills, taught to handle themselves, listen to stories, enjoy and dance to music, draw and create art with a free hand. They build self-confidence, body awareness through activities that engage balance, hand-eye coordination and strength. Social, verbal and fine motor skills through musical circle time and activities exploring the world around us.