Nursery Butterflies

Nursery Butterflies (2.5Yrs – 4Yrs)

This program is the first step in preschool for the child after the child completes three years. Carrying along the quest for building on the foundation laid in the caterpillars, the activities, play, art and music becomes slightly more formalized.

Children are exposed to a print-rich environment promoting vocabulary, multicultural awareness, introduction to writing and phonological awareness, story elements, sequences of events, and the ability to communicate ideas through pictures and writing.

Students are introduced to reading and writing through the use of phonetic spelling and high frequency sight words.

Students are exposed to a print-rich environment to promote comprehension and vocabulary as well as an introduction to a variety of literature, poems, songs and rhymes. Developmentally appropriate practices and hands-on exploration like science, sensory exploration, practical math applications, fine motor development, name identification, writing skills, independent and critical thinking skills help build a solid educational foundation for your child and ignite their passion for learning and discovery.

We also foster their artistic abilities and explore their growing knowledge of science and nature.

Nursery Butterflies

The emphasis on furthering the hand-eye coordination, exploration and social skills remains with entry into scribbling and other hand skills. There will be book times integrated with drama and fun. Also there will be interactive play time, musical rug time to ensure coordination in groups and living with others for better understanding. Sensory exploration at this age will be different for each kid.