Frequently Asked Questions

The American School is the first accredited preschool by US agency Quality KG and has been brought to India and Asia by Santosh Rungta Group

Quality KG is an accreditation agency from US and it powers TAS with its unique preschool curriculum and standards.

Rungta Group is one of the leading educational groups of the country and holds the rights to run and operate TAS in Asia.

No. TAS has been launched in India only on 15th October 2016 at the Franchise India Fair at New Delhi.

The Applicant can be a Sole Proprietorship (Individual)/Partnership/Registered Society/Registered Trust/Registered Public or Private Ltd. Company. Those in Process may also apply.

The only qualification one needs is an entrepreneurial spirit and the willingness to succeed. As long as the Franchisee is enthusiastic about providing quality education and has reasonable financial resources, he will be able to do well as a TAS franchisee. You do not need any prior pre-school experience to start a TAS franchise.