We encourage children to start their journey of learning as early as possible. Each child should get the exposure, opportunities to learn, interact with peers and enjoy childhood.

The first step in applying for entry into TAS is to come to a parent information meeting. At the meeting, you will receive an application form. We strongly urge applications to be submitted with as much information on the application form as needed to let us know facts for the best chance of acceptance.

Parents are also encouraged to make an appointment to visit the classroom. There is nothing like seeing the KIDs in action.

Click here to fill out our online inquiry form, and we will get in contact with you regarding upcoming informational meetings and appointments. OR Call us at +91 771 688 88 88.

If you apply, a separate visit with your child will be scheduled later.
Acceptances are based primarily on balancing each class for age and gender. Each class is a mixed age class; the approach works best when there is a fairly even spread of ages in the classroom. We also try to achieve a combination of the various time schedules that matches both the needs of the families and the school. Siblings of current and former students have priority, and other considerations may be taken into account to encourage diversity and the smooth running of the school.

If and when accepted, you will have one week to submit a registration fee to guarantee your child's place at TAS. The deposit is non-refundable if you later decide not to enroll your child.
You are welcome to call anytime to find out where your child is in our acceptance process; we will be glad to give you as much information as we have at the time of your call.

The child has to fall under the various age categories as mentioned in the prospectus to be eligible for admission in the respective grades. Give your child the exposure and opportunities to explore, learn and enjoy his childhood.


  • He's only 2?" is a question we hear a lot. And the answer is yes, thanks to the extra sets of hands at TAS. his verbal skills have skyrocketed since he started at the age of 18 months. It's evident the school also encourages development with manners and politeness; self-help skills, social skills, and more. He greets his friends and teachers when he enters and exits the school. He excitedly talks about what he does at school.
  • It's fun to listen to him sings songs that he has learned from the classroom and the stories and books that are read have spilled into our book collection at home. Since attending TAS he has developed attentiveness to stories. Our child comes home happy!
  • I can tell that our son feels a part of that family! They have the gift of making each child feel like they're the stand out. TAS makes kids and parents feel safe and comfortable and warm.
  • TAS contributes a rainbow of exposures for our 3-year-old son!
  • We love TAS! Our twin boys (enrolled since December of 2016) have really thrived at TAS. They have learned so much and they are so happy there; they love getting to play, learn, explore, and interact with their classmates, peers, and teachers. We are so excited about all the cool things they learn at school. At dinnertime, the boys like to tell us stories about how they spent their day at preschool.
  • We really excited to see her bringing home really cool art projects from there, including a recent one where they used clay and found materials (sticks, leaves, rocks, wood chips) to create their own island.
  • We love the special events that TAS hosts for families and guests/members of the community: our favorite event is the Parent Appreciation Hullabaloo Concert, where our kids always have a blast dancing to the music and having snacks. We really feel that TAS goes above and beyond to create an amazing learning environment for our children, and that is very important to us. But we also appreciate that CMP cares about our whole family and takes the time to create special events for us to attend as a family. We are so looking forward to enrolling our young daughter also at TAS in August of 2018.
  • We are happy to send our kid to such a warm, loving, safe, clean, community-involved preschool. We would recommend TAS whole heartedly to anyone looking for a wonderful preschool.
  • We really could not have imagined a better place for our children to have begun their schooling in Raipur. Every day is a new adventure at TAS.
  • We are sad to be passing out K1 at TAS this year, but will always hold a special place in our hearts for all the teachers and staff who have been a very big part of our lives.
  • It's not just a pre-school, it's a place for kids to learn how to think outside the box.
  • They offer so many opportunities for the kids at such a young age that by the time they get to K1 they are very prepared. In our 2 years at TAS, one thing I can say is that they work hard to better not only their staff, their kids but also their facilities to provide the kids the most enjoyable yet educational environment possible.
  • From a personal standpoint, the school has been tremendous in making sure both our children are put in the environment that best fit their needs. The staff is very loving and caring. The Directors are always in communication with you as parents and address any feedback you have in a timely manner, which is very hard to find in any school. They truly care about their TAS Family!
  • When my first son was 1.9 years old I signed him up at TAS, best decision we ever made. Even though there are numerous preschools near us, they do not compare to what TAS provides on many levels. We are so excited that our youngest is now old enough to start.
  • The teachers are all very warm, friendly, loving, kind and helpful. My son's favorite is messy art, the kids get to explore their artsy side and I love seeing the masterpiece!
  • It is so comforting to know that the children are in a fun and safe environment. The school has lots of extracurricular activities. I will continue to highly recommend TAS to anyone that I know, we are SO happy there.
  • We visited quite a few schools before finding ourselves at TAS and were very impressed right from the start. The staff was very welcoming and informative while we toured the school. My wife and I noticed almost immediately how active and engaged the children were compared to other schools we had toured. We enrolled our son shortly after our visit.
  • We have been with TAS for six months and have been amazed at the growth we have seen in our little guy! His teachers are the best! Love, patience, and encouragement abound in the classroom.
  • The first thing I love about TAS is how much they genuinely care about the children under their roof. For the entire staff, it isn't just a job, it is a vocation, they are devoted to every family that walks through their doors. My daughter is happy there.
  • As a single working mummy, I would be lost without this school – they are my Santa. Thank you, TAS!
  • We have our 17-month-old daughter, Ayla, on the wait list and hope she can start at TAS in the winter session 2018. She is going to love it at TAS like her elder sister.
  • At first, It was really hard for our daughter to adjust being away for so many hours from family. She would have separation anxiety and she would cry every time we would leave her. Our daughter would not participate because she was so shy. When talking to the teachers, they were so concerned and they seemed to make it a priority to help her feel more comfortable. I was so touched and so impressed by the staff. They asked about her dislikes and likes and they made every effort to get to know her. One particular teacher volunteered to watch her favorite show just so they could have something to talk about. Now our daughter comes home telling us about her day, singing songs she's learned and telling us about the people she's met. TAS is so great.
  • I am proud to be a parent of a CMP kid and am always bragging about your facility and staff to friends and family. Our boys have learned so much since starting your programs and we can't thank you enough for welcoming them into your CMP family.
  • We love CMP! Our daughter has auditory processing sensitivities and we were very careful about finding the right preschool for her.
  • The staff goes above and beyond and has been really understanding of our daughter's needs. The extra-curricular activities offered are great.
  • This summer our Granddaughter began her second year at TAS. Every morning she is full of enthusiasm and ready to head out the door for school. As grandparents who are not local, we don't get to see this excitement every day, but when we are in town we are so very impressed with how she has mastered her letters, letter sounds, and numbers. We spend time watching and listening to her new found delight in her ability to read and write.
  • This is not an ordinary preschool. This is a 1st class, well organized, very clean environment with an exceptional staff. We wish to thank everyone at TAS .
  • I cannot say enough good things about TAS. Everything about this school has exceeded my expectations. The teachers are so loving and provide a positive and safe environment for my daughter to thrive in. The front office staff truly cares not only about my daughter. Thank you, TAS for being such a special and loving place for my daughter to spend her days!
  • They create an environment that fosters a love of learning and they encourage their students to develop independence and social skills. Our daughter enjoys going to TAS.
  • For the past 4 months both my daughters have been attending TAS and to say they have enjoyed their time is an understatement. Every morning when I drop them off my oldest daughter runs to her teacher as she yells her name with a big smile on her face. The bond they've created in such little time amazes me and it makes me feel so comfortable leaving my child in the hands of such caring staff.
  • It is very rare to find a preschool that not only offers an outstanding curriculum for each individual age group but that also offers a "home away from home". TAS takes care of a child's brain by fueling it with learning activities. They take care of their hearts by providing proper love and attention by simply putting a smile on a child's face or by offering a hug if they feel down. But also, and very importantly, TAS takes care of a child's physical health by providing healthy & delicious snacks!
  • TAS is a great place to start childhood education. My son who is now 7 attended Carmel Mountain when he was 2.5 years old until kindergarten. Currently, my daughter who is 3 attends the preschool and is loving it! Both of my kids have enjoyed their experience so far and as parents it is a big relief for my husband and I to be able to send our kids to a place we trust, near our home, with friendly, committed staff who treat our kids so well.
  • My daughter Kareena has been attending different pre-schools since she was 18 months old. She never enjoyed going very much and cried when we dropped her off….that is until she started attending TAS this summer. She wakes up every morning excited to go to school and doesn't want to come home.
  • We love all of the variety of programs and activities that our son gets to experience at TAS. We will forever think of TAS as an extended part of our family and are so grateful our son is in your care!
  • As a mom with a very "spirited kid" I cannot tell you what a blessing this school has been for us.